Better Health from Within

There’s goodness in our DNA.

At PureGenomics® we harness the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness.

Zero Compromises. Pure Results.

What makes us different isn’t just our process or what goes into our supplements — what we leave out matters, too.

PureGenomics® is here to help support you at every step with:

Ongoing Education

We help keep you informed and up to date with useful tools and one of the most comprehensive ongoing nutrigenomic education programs available.


We research, innovate, and invest to ensure that we remain at the forefront of functional nutrition.

Accessible & Applicable Insights

Our reports are easy to understand and actionable, so that you and your patients get the most from their genetic test results.

Scientific Credibility

PureGenomics® is based on science, and you can be confident that you are receiving clinically relevant and scientifically credible recommendations.

What does PureGenomics® Offer?

Using a patient’s genetic data, previously collected by 23andMe® or Ancestry®, we provide individualised, actionable reports that support the development of evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle recommendations customised for your patient’s unique genetic profile.

PureGenomics® supports healthcare providers with the science to help translate genetic information into clinical insights, through tools and education in the fields of genomic testing and nutrigenomics.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is a scientific discipline that studies the relationships between our genes, nutrition and health —all the way down to the molecular level. This knowledge helps us understand how genetics affects nutritional needs and informs what steps we can take to develop personalised health plans.