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Nutrigenomics, Gene-Diet Interactions, and Clinical Nutrition Practice

Event Description

Nutrigenomic testing is readily available and in increasingly high demand. Being able to critically assess nutrigenomics for clinical relevance and understanding its limitations is an increasingly important skill for health professionals.

This important event is led by a geneticist and clinical nutritionist as well as a medical doctor certified in functional medicine who are involved in published clinical research on nutrigenomics, critical assessment of nutrigenomics studies, clinical practice, and the development of a leading free-of-charge professional nutrigenomics interpretation platform.

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of genetic testing, how to navigate the world of nutrigenomics, and ways in which it may enhance the development of personalised nutrition.

Time Speaker Talk Title
9.30-10:00am Registration Refreshments
10:00-10:15am Benjamin Brown Introduction
10:15-11:00am Dr. Denise Furness, PhD Nutrigenomics: Foundations for Clinical Practice
11:00-11:30am Break Refreshments
11:30-12:30pm Dr. Nathan Morris, MD Application to Clinic: Case Studies
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Lunch provided
2:00-3:00pm Dr. Denise Furness, PhD Applications to Preconception Care and Fertility
3:00-4:00pm Dr. Nathan Morris, MD Applications to Mood and Mental Health
4:00-4:30pm Break Refreshments
4:30-5:20pm Dr. Denise Furness, PhD
Applications to Healthy Ageing: Learnings from the Bio-Age Study
5:20-5:30pm Benjamin Brown Conclusion
5:30pm End

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London, Millennium Gloucester, 17 November